Karólína Lárusdóttir The Angel and the Horse

Remembering Karólína Lárusdóttir NEAC RE RWS (1944-2019)

It is with great sadness that we share the news that New English Art Club member Karólína Lárusdóttir died on 7 Feb 2019 at the age of 74.
Benjamin Hope NEAC PS

Benjamin Hope: Numbers and Figures

Benjamin Hope was elected a NEAC member in 2018, but despite an artistic family background, he did not follow the conventional art college path to becoming a full-time painter. Instead, Benjamin spent over a decade at university studying mathematics and physics: four years at Warwick, followed by Part III Mathematics and a PhD at Cambridge. Has this scientific detour influenced his process and technique as an artist?
photo of James Bland

Interview with James Bland NEAC

We kick off 2019 with an interview with James Bland NEAC whose exhibition at Lilford Gallery in Canterbury starts on 25 January. James talks us through the process, technique and inspiration behind a selection of his paintings, and tell us about the training and experiences that led him to become a member of the New English Art Club, starting with his teenage years . . .
photo of a life drawing class

New NEAC classes & workshops for Spring term 2019

We have just confirmed the spring term of six 3-hour Saturday life drawing classes and two new Saturday workshops at Heatherleys.
Morning Sunlight on Crisp Snow, Somerset Place

A Christmas Message from Peter Brown PNEAC

December is here, so we're delighted to bring you a festive interview with New English President, Peter Brown. As he, Sarah Spencer, and the committee start to get their teeth into planning the next five years for the club, Peter found time to tell us how much he loves this time of year, with examples of artworks depicting family Christmases and snowy landscapes - both his own, and that of fellow members and past masters . . .