Friends of the NEAC: and other ways you can support us

There are a variety of ways to support us and get involved - including our popular Friends scheme, sponsorship opportunities and one-off or regular donations.

The New English Art Club is a registered charity. Your contribution will help us support aspiring and established figurative artists through teaching, scholarships and exhibiting. 


Why support the New English?

"Because artists should be greatly encouraged and supported, without condition. Without them, the world would descend into an inhuman and terrifying greyness. To draw and paint figurative art is to be utterly present, to notice and to see, and to notice again, and appreciate and then record this light, this figure, this landscape; object; person; feeling; thought; dream as it is now in this moment, and then this one. After all, 'now' is the only moment we can be sure of." Richard & Alison Chenevix-Trench








You may also want to consider leaving a gift or donation to the New English Art Club in your will. Find out how to do this on the website.