Photograph of Neil Pittaway working in his studio

Interview with Neil Pittaway NEAC RWS RE

Printmaker, painter and draftsman Neil Pittaway NEAC RWS RE is one of our newest members, elected in summer 2016. With a solo exhibition about to open at the Alpine Club in London, he tells us what being a New English member means to him, and gives us an insight into his method of working, education and influences . . .
drawing of an outdoor scene

Lynn Painter-Stainers Prize 2017

Eight New English artists have been shortlisted for the prestigious Lynn Painter-Stainers Prize 2017: June Berry, James Bland, Peter Clossick, Tessa Coleman, Craig Jefferson, Michael Kirkbride, Paul Newland and Martin Yeoman.

Interview with Tessa Coleman NEAC

Having recently returned from the USA, having completed a 2-year masters at the New York Academy of Art, Tessa Coleman NEAC is back home in her Somerset studio where she took time out to tell us about her life, inspirations and painting process . . .
painting of an interior scene

June Berry in the February 2017 issue of Artists and Illustrators Magazine

"I don’t think there is any end to a painting until somebody buys it, then it’s the end of it of course, but otherwise it is ongoing, sometimes over several years."
photo of a messy art studio

Interview with Craig Jefferson NEAC

One of our newest members, elected in June 2016, Craig Jefferson NEAC offers us an insight into his world. He tells us about his path to becoming a full-time artist—his education and influences, his process and method of working, as well as advice for young artists ...