painting of some flowers in a Blue Vase

New range of fine art greetings cards

We are pleased to present a new range of eleven fine art greetings cards by...

2017 Annual Exhibition workshops

During our 2017 Annual Exhibition we have an exciting and varied range of events to suit all interests and abilities, including a limited number of workshops with a ticket price of just £5 (a nominal fee to cover our admin costs). The usual price of these events is £50+ so this is a great opportunity to experience New English Classes & Workshops on a shoestring.
sections of 6 paintings

Curated Selection by Louise Balaam NEAC RWA

Louise Balaam NEAC RWA guides us through a selection of her favourite pieces from our online shop.
Photo of students in a workshop

Photos from Neil Pittaway's 'Imaginative Landscape, Creative Drawing' workshop

Neil Pittaway began the workshop with introductions and then a quick continuous line drawing exercise. He followed this with a demonstration - creating textures and surfaces using different drawing media. Students then prepared an abstract surface using these techniques and took the drawings out onto The Mall where they drew Admiralty Arch - drawing the subject in 20 lines. After this they started another drawing of the same subject using construction lines and angles...
sections of 6 paintings

14 New English artists exhibiting in North Yorkshire

Closing on 3 June 2017, an exhibition at the Zillah Bell Gallery of recent works by 14 New English members