5 sections of paintings by different artists

Curated Selection by Jason Bowyer PPNEAC PS RP

Jason Bowyer PPNEAC PS RP guides us through a selection of his favourite artworks from our online shop. All works are by fellow New English artists and are available to buy.

Interview with Robert E. Wells NEAC RBA

Robert E Wells is one of the New English Art Club’s newest members, elected earlier this year. We are delighted that Robert took time out from his painting to tell us a bit about his work, influences and training...
Patrick Cullen in his studio

Interview with Patrick Cullen NEAC

Patrick Cullen has been a member of the New English Art Club for twenty years. He has an exhibition opening in London in mid-October featuring paintings of Italy, India and Ikaria; and another show in Salisbury later in the year. In this interview, Patrick tells us about his training, method, and influences, and his obsession with colour . . .
photo of Jason Bowyer

Interview with Jason Bowyer PPNEAC PS RP

With a solo exhibition coming up in October, Jason Bowyer takes time out to tell us about his background, education and influences that led him to where he is now, and how he really wanted to be centre-forward for Fulham F.C.
painting of some flowers

Sunshine and Flowers: a selection of original artworks available to buy

We have pulled together a selection of paintings for sale in our online shop, so...