painting of an outdoor scene

Interview with Pamela Kay NEAC RBA RWS ARCA

Pamela Kay is one of Britain’s foremost painters of flowers and still life – working in watercolour and oils, and occasionally pastels. We persuaded Pam to put down her paintbrush for a moment to tell us about her work, experiences and influences...
photo of view of paints in the foreground against a background of rooftops

Photos: Drawing the City to the Studio, 1-day workshop

Photos from the recent drawing and painting workshop in Southwark with Julie Jackson NEAC ...
photo of Olympic Park workshop with Mick Kirkbride and Ruth Stage

Photos: Plein air painting workshop at Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park

Photos from the recent plein air painting workshop in the Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park with...
photo of a person looking at paintings in an art gallery

Open Exhibition 2016 Roundup, from Richard Pikesley PNEAC

It's now a few weeks since we closed the doors on another annual Open Exhibition,...
painting of a face and drawing of Big Ben

Congratulations to our two new members

We are delighted to announce that Neil Pittaway & Craig Jefferson were elected Members of the New English Art Club at our 2016 AGM.