14 New English artists exhibiting in North Yorkshire

sections of 6 paintings

Closing on 3 June 2017, an exhibition at the Zillah Bell Gallery of recent works by 14 New English members: Louise Balaam NEAC RWAJames Bland NEACTom Coates PPNEAC PS RBA RP RWA RWSTessa Coleman NEACMichael Cooper NEACPaul Curtis NEACAlex Fowler NEACRoy Freer NEAC RI ROIMary Jackson NEAC RWSCraig Jefferson NEACPaul Newland NEAC RWSRichard Pikesley PNEAC RWSNeil Pittaway NEAC RWS RESalliann Putman NEAC RWS.

The New English Art Club is delight to partner with the Zillah Bell Gallery to offer a taste of its member artists representing all the different strands within the modern NEAC.

For more information and to view paintings from the exhibition click here.