painting of 3 people sitting in front of a Big Window

Online Events from our 2020 Annual Exhibition

With safety in mind, all our events surrounding the Annual Exhibition will be online this year. Find out more.
painting of Plymouth Harbour

Remembering Josephine Harris NEAC (1931-2020)

We were saddened to hear the news of the passing of our friend and colleague...
 Julie Held's Studio

Thoughts About My Painting Practice by Julie Held NEAC LG RWS

"What strikes me as being an uppermost concern whilst painting is, amongst other things, something David Bomberg said about making a ‘monument to a moment’ when drawing. This applies to painting too, of course. I imagine that this means different things to other painters. Here I will try to explain how it is formative to my practice . . .
Artist Susan Ryder painting in Antarctica

Interview with Susan Ryder NEAC RP

This month, we shine a lamplight on New English artist Susan Ryder NEAC RP, best known for her portraits and interior paintings. We are delighted that Susan found time to tell us about her influences and inspirations as she finalises preparations for her forthcoming solo exhibition.
painting of a reclining nude woman

OBSESSIONS: Peter Clossick NEAC PPLG elucidates obsessions around work, process and practice

It is a combined experience trying to create work, to paint, to gain knowledge and understanding from the activity and also operate within the complexities of the art world and the world in general. I find it can be frustrating, cathartic, make me happy or sad and can definitely leave a dose of anger, joy, pleasure and a strong feeling that I am not wasting my limited time of existence. There is no point in regret at past choices, or having hope for the future, but just making the most of the existing moment, the here and now.