23 New English artists exhibiting in Kent

details from 12 different paintings by NEAC members

Closing on 30th of April, an exhibition at the Linden Hall Studio Gallery of recent works by 23 New English members: Louise Balaam NEAC RWA, James Bland NEAC, Francis Bowyer NEAC PPRWS, Peter Clossick NEAC PPLG, John Dobbs NEAC, Michael Cooper NEAC, Peter Fleming NEAC, Alex Fowler NEAC, Judith Gardner NEAC RBA, Paul Gildea NEAC, Pamela Kay NEAC RBA RWS ARCA, Peter Kuhfeld NEAC RP, Bridget Moore NEAC RBA RWS, Arthur Neal NEAC, Paul Newland NEAC RWS, Richard Pikesley PNEAC RWS, Michael Pullée NEAC, Salliann Putman NEAC RWS, Sarah Spencer RAS NEAC, Nick Tidnam NEAC RBA, Lorna Vahey NEAC, Toby Ward NEAC, Charles Williams NEAC RWS.

“Since its foundation in 1886, and seeking an exhibition platform beyond the Royal Academy, the New English quickly began to draw in younger painters who had come under the spell of Impressionism and Post Impressionism in France. Today, the New English is a thriving group of about 90 professional artists and the exhibition at Linden Hall Studio offers a taste of the current generation from a selection of artists representing all the different strands within the modern NEAC. From the closely observational painting towards abstraction and the narrative, these threads have been in the New English from the beginning, but a shared sensitivity to the seen world and a delight in really looking, brings us together and gives the vibrancy and energy to this exhibition.”

Richard Pikesley, President, New English Art Club

For more information and to view paintings from the exhibition click here.