abstracted painting of a landscape

Small Paintings Group annual exhibition

The Small Paintings Group annual exhibition will be held at Piers Feetham Gallery in Fulham during December and January with a break over Christmas and New Year. Most of our members will each be showing up to 4 new paintings.

Our featured artist this year is Salliann Putman NEAC RWS who says...

“I am on a journey - there is inspiration at every turn and it is my job to respond to it. I like to discover forms which retain the essence of the origins in nature - to make something very real and yet very abstract. I am guided by Pierre Bonnard’s words, ‘It is not my intention to paint life but to give life to painting.’ Rather than the subject, it is the abstract qualities of space, mark and colour that the painting is about. Much of my work is produced in the studio where I am free to travel to a place never experienced before - each journey is unique. Once I have placed a colour I must respond and it. Thus I am guided by the painting itself as I search for a kind of balance and harmony, but most of all, for my truth.”

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Piers Feetham Gallery
475 Fulham Road
London SW6 1HL
+44 (0)20 7381 3031