Expressive landscape painting workshops with Louise Balaam: THE NEW SCHOOL OF ART, East Sussex

12 May - 5 August 2022
Price £295 The New School of Art Dairy Studio, Old Malling Farm, Lewes, East Sussex, BN7 2DY

These 2-day courses will be an exciting opportunity to be tutored by a New English Art Club member and a highly inspirational artist.


To start Louise will introduce her work, and outline her way of working. Throughout the course there will be a focus on learning to loosen up, and the importance of working quickly and directly. Students will draw and create studies using oil on paper, concentrating on simplifying impressions and identifying the main visual ideas. We will then begin to work on a painting, or maybe more than one. There will be a critique at lunchtime on the second day.


Some of Louise’s own work and sketchbooks, together with information about other relevant artists, will be available as reference and from which to draw inspiration and knowledge.


Dates & times

Thursday 28th & Friday 29th April 2022

Thursday 12th & Friday 13th May 2022
Thursday 21st & Friday 22nd July 2022
Thursday 4th & Friday 5th August 2022

10am to 4pm