Annual Lecture: The Slade School of Art and the NEAC, c.1908-1914: Online

18 November 2020

The New English Art Club presents this year's NEAC Annual Lecture, exclusively online: ‘The Slade School of Art and the NEAC, c.1908-1914’ by David Boyd Haycock available to view online here

About the Lecture

Looking back to the young Slade School artists explored in his 2009 book, 'A Crisis of Brilliance', and ahead to the biography he is currently completing of the great Welsh painter Augustus John, David Boyd Haycock's lecture looks at the status of the NEAC in the years immediately before the First World War. Described at the time as the Club's 'Prince of Wales', John was the leading British artist of the day. But he was also a hugely controversial figure, on account both of his extraordinary paintings and his outrageous lifestyle. This 30-minute talk will highlight some of the big issues at stake in British painting at this time, and the Club's place in them.


About the Lecturer

David Boyd Haycock was born in Banbury, Oxfordshire, in 1968 and grew up in West Africa, East Anglia and North Yorkshire. Having read Modern History at the University of Oxford he studied Art History at the University of Sussex and has a PhD from Birkbeck College, London. He lives with his family in Oxford, and is a freelance writer, curator and Arts Society lecturer, specialising in early twentieth-century British art and culture.