Wind and Rain (1980) by Richard Eurich, oil on board, 50x76cm, Paul Carter c/o Waterhouse & Dodd Gallery (copyright the estate of the artist)

Exhibition of late works by Richard Eurich NEAC OBE RA

An exhibition of 25 paintings and drawings from Richard Eurich’s estate at Waterhouse & Dodd, London.

This is the first significant show of the artist’s work at the gallery and will seek to draw attention to the significant late works still held by the artist’s family.

His late works are quiet, unshowy and display acutely observed incidental detail. The decorative beauty is balanced by a certain melancholy. The subjects are invariably drawn from the immediate area around the artist’s home. Views out towards the Solent and of Lepe Beach are frequent, as are densely wooded landscapes from the New Forest. All are rendered in the artist’s light, feathery brushwork. The show will provide visitors with a chance to immerse themselves in an aspect of the artist’s work rarely examined either in commercial or public exhibitions.

Further information available on the Waterhouse & Dodd website.


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22 October-15 November 2019


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