Member Artist Application Process: How to Apply . . .

The New English welcomes new members to the club through a process of election every June. Places are highly sought-after and strictly limited (in a typical year we may have up to three vacancies).

The mutual support and kudos provided by the club is greatly valued by its members who support the aims of the club, regularly show work at its exhibitions and pay an annual subscription of £220. Watch a video of one of our members talking about the New English.


A prospective candidate must:

  1. Have work accepted for the current Annual Exhibition.
  2. Gain the support of five existing members. Don’t feel at a disadvantage if you don’t know any members; we can canvas support on your behalf during the election process. Bear in mind, It sometimes takes several years for the consistent quality of an artist’s work to become apparent to members. Candidates are normally allowed five consecutive years on the ballot paper.


We contact everyone who fulfills these conditions to check they wish to be considered. Those candidates with fewer than three works in the exhibition are asked to submit extra pieces.


Your next step is to Submit work to our next Annual Exhibition. You should send in your best, most characteristic work when submission opens. Keep an eye on our website for updates or subscribe to our mailing list.


If you think you fit the bill, please contact us to request an application form.