Jane Corsellis NEAC RWS’s paintings reflect her response to the quality & surprises of light.



Artist Statement

Jane has been a longtime member of the New English and is a passionate supporter of the ideals that the group upholds. Her paintings, both oils and watercolours, reflect her very personal vision and her amazing response to the quality and surprises of light. She constructs her paintings carefully, building a web of colour which steers towards the abstract, but never foregoing the figurative tradition. Sir Kenneth Clarke stated that “above all else, art must be life enhancing” and Jane Corsellis’s work reveals and celebrates that world to us.


Method of Working

Jane works in a traditional method from the preparation and stretching of canvases to occasionally grinding her own colours. She keeps almost daily studies of subjects that interest her in sketchbooks. Jane tends to work on a number of larger canvases at the same time, gradually bringing them to completion over a few months. However she is deeply committed to the ‘plein air’ method of painting, preferring to work on site in a smaller scale, when she can capture the changing light and colours to advantage. She particularly enjoys painting by the sea and on the beaches where the constant movement of people and waves stretches the eye, mind and hand to the limits! By complete contrast to the ‘dash’ of landscape, Jane is intrigued by the discipline of a carefully observed Still Life, be it a complex arrangement or a freshly caught fish or brace of partridge.