Patrick Cullen NEAC is known for his scenes of Tuscany, Andalucía and France in all seasons and weathers.



Artist Statement

Patrick is a painter in oil, pastel and watercolour, known for his scenes of Tuscany, Andalucia and Southern France, in all seasons and weathers. Over the past ten years he has also made a number of trips to India, painting and sketching in the streets and markets of Rajasthan and Gujarat. In 2013 he also made two trips to Transylvania. He runs residential courses from time to time. He is also a portrait painter, most notably in the pastel medium. He is available for portrait commissions. See enquiry form below.


Method of Working

I work mainly in pastels when travelling and gathering ideas for paintings. As well as using a sketchbook, I complete a number of pastels ‘on site’, some of which may become the basis for larger paintings in oils or watercolour back in the studio. For pastels I work mainly on Wallis paper, an extra fine sandpaper of archival quality developed by the pastellist Kitty Wallis. I tend to only work in watercolour for extra large subjects and I use a roll of Bockingford NOT stretched on a 6ft x 4ft board, working flat on the studio floor. For oils: a fine oil primed canvas. My work is either completed from life or based on studies done from life because the process of observing nature is the source of my inspiration. A photograph by-passes this process and presents one with a mechanically derived image rather than one's subjective response to the visual world.