Curated Selection by Louise Balaam NEAC RWA

sections of 6 paintings

Louise Balaam NEAC RWA guides us through a selection of her favourite pieces from our online shop.

All works are by fellow New English artists and are available to buy.

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'Painting the Barn' by June Berry NEAC Hon RE RWA RWS

I love June's gentle, warm vision in this tranquil scene. The elderly couple, working on their everyday tasks in the orchard, are painted with a deceptive lightness of touch, which is seemingly so simple but actually incredibly hard to do. It's not everyone who can handle watercolour on this scale and with this level of assurance, but June makes it look easy.

'Santiago, Spain' by John Dobbs NEAC 

What a beautiful little print. The line has a wonderful energetic quality, and it describes the buildings and the space with great liveliness and vigour. Quick scribbled lines show the shadow side of the buildings and suggest the dazzling sunlight.

'Notting Hill Florist' by Julie Held NEAC LG RWS

A stunning painting - a seemingly unconsidered corner of a florist's stall is brought into sudden focus with a dominant, strong blueish-green paint, against which the cerulean and magenta and yellow of the flowers are pitched in perfect balance. Julie paints with a mixture of intensity and delicacy which I find very powerful.

'What is Man Study (2)' by Craig Jefferson NEAC

This is a small painting but a very intense one. The paint marks, laid on in sensuous, buttery slabs, are packed into and orchestrate the space with compressed energy - an interior, with a suggestion of a window, and a standing figure on one side. The blues, pinks and yellows echo each other through the picture space.

'Touched by Yellow' by Salliann Putman NEAC RWS

A little gem, where watercolour is used with the freedom and conviction of oil. This little painting recalls for me Willem de Kooning's abstract landscapes - sweeps and swooshes of paint, contrasted with supple lines, suggest space, light and a sense of scale. The colour is handled with great authority.

'Pink Figures' by Arthur Neal NEAC

Arthur is a painter's painter I feel - his work is always uncompromising and has huge integrity. I don't know exactly what's happening in this painting but I relish the beautifully-handled colour, the abstracted colour shapes and the authority with which it is painted. As with so many New English artists, a strong basis in drawing is essential to Arthur's work.