2017 Prizes & Awards

Congratulations to our 2017 prizewinners:

Winner of The Doreen McIntosh Prize:

Paul Gildea, 'Night Watch'


Winner of Jackson's Art Supplies Award:

Michael Collins, 'Study for Birling Gap'


Winner of The Woodhay Picture Gallery Prize for Drawing:

Arthur Neal, 'KT II'


Winner of The NEAC Critics' Prize AND

The Winsor & Newton Award:

Peter Brown, 'Absolutely Chucking It Down George Street, Bath 2016'


Winner of The Dry Red Press Award:

Ann Shrager, 'Diwali Elephant'


Winner of ​The Peter Ashley Framing Prize:

David Cobley, 'Marvellous Mr Hockney'


Winner of Contemporary Arts Trust Award:

Alex Maczkowski, 'Torn'


New English Scholarships 2017-2018: Paul Wuensche & Rebecca Moss Guyver

Newly-Elected Members: Andrew James and Robert E. Wells

June 18, 2017