Peter Brown PPNEAC PS Hon RBA ROI is an all-weather plein-air painter of street scenes and city landscape, affectionately known as ‘Pete the Street’.



Artist's Statement

"I never feel more alive than when I am painting on the streets of places like London and India. I never know what I am going to paint until I get there and even then, the landscape changes in front of me. Every day is an adventure in a small way. I do paint interiors and am forever drawing my kids but I have to be in front of my subject. The challenge is translating that 3D space full of noise, smell, colour and atmosphere and freezing it onto a canvas."


Working Method

Peter works directly from life, be it in his home town of Bath, or in London; India; Spain; France, or wherever his travels take him. This has earned the nickname 'Pete the Street'. He works in oil either on canvas board or paper and also charcoal. His works range from 6 x 8 inches up to 60 x 80 inches. They are sometimes executed in one sitting, but often he returns to the same spot at the same time of day and similar weather for as many goes as it takes. He works through all the seasons and in all weathers, relishing the opportunities offered by snow and rain just as much as the heat of India or the sharp bright light of Spain. He refuses to use photographic reference. His exhibitions are usually accompanied by publications containing diary extracts that catalogue his experiences and conversations while out painting.