Announcing our New President and Vice President

At today's AGM, Richard Pikesley handed over the role of New English Art Club President which he has held for the last five years. For the first time, the role will be shared, with Peter Brown elected as the new President working alongside Sarah Spencer as Vice President.

"I'm delighted to be handing on the presidency to Peter and Sarah who have both been at the heart of things at the New English throughout my term. I know they will do a fantastic job and hope they'll have as enjoyable time as I've had. It's been a huge privilege to have the opportunity to work for our members, and for an organisation which has a unique place in British art." Richard Pikesley


​"I was thrilled to be elected in 1998 to join this incredible body of talented painters from whom I learn so much year on year. There is a true spirit of camaraderie and mutual respect within the club and I am extremely moved to be elected president alongside Sarah. Thanks to Richard and all his predecessors, the club is in great shape and we - the whole membership - are ready to take on the challenge of extending our reach and cementing the New English Art Club’s future in British painting." Peter Brown


"The New English has always had a strong and core female presence both in its membership and its committee, and it is one of the many qualities of the club that I cherish. I’m honoured to have the opportunity to take on this more visible role and responsibility within the club. Richard is a tough presidential act to follow, but I'm looking forward to working with Pete to rise to the challenge." Sarah Spencer


The New English Art Club is over 130 years old, so the handing over of the presidency is not without a dash of ceremonial tradition. See images in the gallery.


A huge thank you to Richard for all his hard work over the years, and congratulations to Peter and Sarah!

June 24, 2018