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painting of a woman
painting of a woman

Alice in her Blue Boots


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New English Annual Exhibition 2020 Catalogue No. 65

Medium: Oil

Framed size: 127 cm x 81 cm
Picture size: cm x cm


painting of a man

Robert The Dancer

portrait drawing of a girl

The Teenager

semi-abstract painting of some bottles

Dries Study

painting of the skull of a stag

Tarvie Stag

painting of a figure in an interior scene

Level 72

painting of washing up gloves and cooking spoons in front of a window


painting of a still life

Day Of An Apple

painting of an outdoor city scene

Tribeca Crossing

painting of an outdoor city scene

White Street


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painting of a coastal scene

Annual Exhibition 2020 - Still Available to View/Buy Online

7 Dec 2020 to 15 Dec 2020
Mall Galleries
We were delighted that our 2020 Annual Exhibition had a chance to (final) run at Mall Galleries in December. You can still view and buy works from the show online.