Right from the beginning, from his early days as a fine art student, Charles Rake NEAC felt drawn to becoming a painter of landscape.



Artist Statement

Right from the beginning, from his early days as a fine art student, Charles felt drawn to becoming a painter of landscape. The vast, luminous, ethereal expanse of the sky set against the massive, solid bulk of the land is a source of endless fascination. Grey days, sunny days, days with the clouds racing across the sky - fields, forests, mountains - sunlight and shadow - the changing seasons - all nature is a continuous exciting visual spectacle that holds Charles enthralled. Sometimes Charles feels impelled to indicate man's presence, a sense of his history in the landscape by including his built legacy from domestic buildings to places of worship - but rarely will Charles show man himself. To capture and communicate his myriad emotional response to the visual world around him has been his lifetime's work. The magic of art is that it allows the viewer to see life through the eyes, heart and mind of the artist and recreating that experience is what gives him the greatest joy although always tempered by what for him is the one immutable rule in art - be true to yourself.


Method of Working

Charles paints on linen canvas or wood based panels. He uses artist oil colours. For the past ten years he has only used eight colours plus white.