Neil Pittaway NEAC RWS RE LFA is a British printmaker, painter and draftsman, born in Wakefield, Yorkshire.



Artist Statement

Neil’s works reflect ideas from East and Western sources and perspectives such as Anglo-European heritage, transatlantic connections, Asian landscapes, gothic revival architecture, urbanness, satire, illustration and narrative. His work incorporates and explores these identities through direct and indirect observation creating complex and seemingly agoraphobic, perspective spaces; a labyrinth, which reflects the built and natural environments and echoes the monumental histories that make up our collective European and International identities, our heritage.


Method of Working

Neil’s drawings, paintings and prints are developed from extensive research and sketches produced from direct and indirect observation. He uses many different skills, methods, techniques and processes to create richly layered tapestries on the pictures’ surfaces. His drawings and etchings employ a detailed network of line, bitten deep into copper plate or drawn using traditional dip pen and ink whilst his paintings employ more spontaneous yet complex layered marks drawing on the luminous qualities of the paint’s pigments. Everywhere Neil travels he works directly from the subject using sketchbooks to record a journey; in recent years this has included trekking extensively in the Nepal Himalayas. These records are then used directly and indirectly to create finished works that capture the essences of time and place.