For Patricia Cain NEAC PS RGI ARWS PhD, making something very complex often appears to become ‘nothing’.



Artist Statement

"I’m a visual artist and scholar in Dumfries and Galloway and have a practice that is very much based in drawing and is concerned how we grow and develop as people through making things.


Since completing a PhD at Glasgow School of Art, I’ve been particularly interested in in accessing hidden aspects of thinking - such as creativity, experiential learning, spiritual growth. I make the creative experience visible as the artwork, through mapping, digital modelling, narrating and curating studio work - shifting importance away from ‘artefact’ to ‘development of artist’. 


The large multi-media exhibitions I create - such as Drawing (on) Riverside (Kelvingrove Art Gallery 2011) and Seeing Beyond the Immediate (a touring show for Scottish Public Galleries 2017/8) – are experiential installations, where artwork is both material (paintings, drawings, sculpture, digital animation, installations), and the narrative and interpretation of my experience. Artworks from these won the Aspect and Threadneedle Prizes and are exhibited nationally and internationally.  


My current project Making Autistic Thinking Visible (funded by Creative Scotland) explores how autistic thinking and the development of autistic identity (self) is made visible through artwork. I’m also interest in evolving creative research methodologies that reveal neuro-diverse thinking styles."