2019 Prizes and Awards


Congratulations to our 2019 prizewinners:

Winner of The Doreen McIntosh Prize: Joseph Ryan, Castle

Winner of The Bowyer Drawing Prize: Julie Jackson NEAC, Hackney 2019

Winner of The Peter Ashley Framing Prize: Sarah Spencer VPNEAC, Whitstable Sky and Seascape

Jackson's Art Supplies Prize: Sean Cunningham, 15/3/2018

Winner of The NEAC Critics’ Prize: Joseph Ryan, Castle

Winner of The Dry Red Press Award: Robert E Wells NEAC RBA, Mother & Child - South Downs

Winner of The Winsor & Newton Award: Sarah Spencer VPNEAC, Whitstable Sky and Seascape

New English Scholarships 2019-20: Ali Robert Last and Eve Pettitt​ 

Newly Elected NEAC Members: Clare Haward and Victoria Jinivizian


drawing of a city street

Hackney 2019

painting of a woman sitting at a table


Joseph Ryan
painting of papers on a table


Sean Cunningham