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Martin Yeoman NEAC RP SPS


See below for artist information or to get more of a personal insight, read our interview with Martin Yeoman NEAC SPS.

Martin Yeoman’s work is admired by both painters and collectors alike, as a result he is considered to be one of the best draughtsman working in Britain today. 

Yeoman left school at the age of 16 and without having the chance to go to art school, In 1973 he travelled overland and headed towards Kashmir.

After nearly a year of travel and surviving by selling his drawings as he went, he returned to England with a portfolio of drawings and a very clear sense of purpose. Martin showed these drawings to Walter Woodington, curator at the Royal Academy Schools, who introduced him to the then keeper of the Schools Peter Greenham. 

Greenham suggested he attended a weekly life drawing class organised by Jane Dowling. After a few months he was invited to be a guest student at the Royal Academy Schools and in 1975, he began a three year course extended to four. 

In 1976, the art historian and connoisseur Sir Brinsley Ford discovered Yeoman’s work at the Annual Premiums show and from here Sir Brinsley began to collect Yeoman’s work. In 1985 he introduced him to HRH The Prince of Wales, who personally invited Yeoman onto the official Royal Tour of the Gulf States in 1986. Thus making him the first young ‘Tour Artist’ to teach the Prince drawing and painting. Yeoman subsequently accompanied the Prince of Wales on further tours to Hong Kong, India and Nepal.

Scholarships, Awards & Prizes

2016 The Doreen McIntosh Prize at the New English Open
2016 The Woodhay Picture Gallery Prize at the New English Open
2004  The Bill Turner Prize for Drawing
2002  The Ondaatje Prize for Portraiture
1998  The Philip Solomon Drawing Prize
1996  Menena Joy Schwabe Prize
1980  Elizabeth Greenshield Scholarship
1979  Richard Ford Scholarship
1978  David Murray Landscape Scholarship
1976  Silver Medal for Drawing, Royal Academy Schools

Notable Portraits

Her Majesty the Queen 's Grandchildren (Royal Collection Windsor)
Dr Courtney Phillips 
Sir Brinsley Ford 
Dr Hugh Montefiore (former Bishop of Birmingham)
E V Norrell (Norrie) Coxswain of the Royal Yacht
Michael Hoare
Sir Alan Hodgkin OM Royal Collection Windsor
Sir James Whyte Black (National Portrait Gallery, London)
A Young Edward Sheeran (Ed Sheeran) & Mathew Sheeran
Nicholas and Alexander Niarchos
​Laurie Weedon, D-Day Veteran (Commissioned by HRH Prince of Wales as part of The Last of the Tide exhibition)



HM The Queen
HRH The Prince of Wales
HRH The Princess Royal
The British Museum
The British Council
The National Trust
National Portrait Gallery
The Royal Collection
Barings Bank
Grimsby School of Art
J O Hambro
Diocese of Birmingham
Merton College, Oxford
Ruth Borchard Collection
Pembroke College, Cambridge
Hoare's Bank
St Lawrence College

Selected Past Exhibitions

2015/16 - New English Art Club Open Exhibition
2015 - Last of the Tide, Queen’s Galley
1996-2004/2009 - Royal Society of Portrait Painters Exhibition, Mall Galleries
1976/77/79-90/92/92/93/93/04/05/06 - RA Summer Exhibition
2005 - No Photography Allowed, Petley Fine Art, London
2004 - India, Indar Pasricha Fine Arts, London 
2004 - Oil Paintings Pastels Drawings, Petley Fine Art
2002 - Hindustan to Malabar, Offer Waterman and Co, London
2000 - Paintings in the Holy Land, Alan Kluckow Fine Art Publications
1998 -  
I. - Princes as Patrons, National Museum of Wales, Cardiff
II. - Travels with the Prince, Hampton Court Palace
1997 -Yeoman’s Yemen: The British Council Exhibition - The National Art Centre in Sana'a, Yemen.
1994 - Selected Works, National Trust's Foundation for Art, Mompesson House, Salisbury
1993 - The Queen's Grandchildren, The National Portrait Gallery
1987 - Two Tours of the Middle East, Agnews, London

Publication & Illustration

1998 - Yemen: Travels in Dictionary Land by Tim Mackintosh-Smith 


2004 - Travels with a Tangerine: From Morocco to Turkey in the Footsteps of Islam’s Greatest Traveler by Tim Mackintosh-Smith
2006 - The Hall of a Thousand Columns by Tim Mackintosh-Smith
2011 - Landfalls: On the Edge of Islam with Ibn Battutah by Tim Mackintosh-Smith


The New English (represented in, 2006) by Kenneth McConkey

Other Society Membership

The Society of Portrait Sculptors (SPS)
Royal Society of Portrait Painters (RP)