Martin Yeoman NEAC RP SPS’s work is admired by both painters and collectors alike, as a result he is considered to be one of the best draughtsman working in Britain today. 




Martin left school at the age of 16 and without having the chance to go to art school, In 1973 he travelled overland and headed towards Kashmir. 


After nearly a year of travel and surviving by selling his drawings as he went, he returned to England with a portfolio of drawings and a very clear sense of purpose. Martin showed these drawings to Walter Woodington, curator at the Royal Academy Schools, who introduced him to the then keeper of the Schools Peter Greenham. 


Greenham suggested he attended a weekly life drawing class organised by Jane Dowling. After a few months he was invited to be a guest student at the Royal Academy Schools and in 1975, he began a three year course extended to four. 


In 1976, the art historian and connoisseur Sir Brinsley Ford discovered Yeoman’s work at the Annual Premiums show and from here Sir Brinsley began to collect Yeoman’s work. In 1985 he introduced him to HRH The Prince of Wales, who personally invited Yeoman onto the official Royal Tour of the Gulf States in 1986. Thus making him the first young ‘Tour Artist’ to teach the Prince drawing and painting. Yeoman subsequently accompanied the Prince of Wales on further tours to Hong Kong, India and Nepal.