painting of an outdoor scene


Artist Statement

My inspiration comes initially from a desire to make a painting, to engage with space, feel the paint and make lines and form. Looking at the world through the experience of painting and drawing makes me see more and see better. Drawing is crucial and always helps to restore my perception of space. I like the material reality of paint on the surface and its expressive beauty whether applied thickly or thin.

I enjoy tying a thread to the past; knowing where I come from as an artist. The practice of drawing and working from the National Art Collections is central to my inspiration. Like many artists; I think and feel deeply about my paintings. Making art is not always easy or comfortable but art is essential for the human spirit. It creates a better understanding and connection to the world.

Method of Working

I work from drawings and sketches that I make from direct observation and develop until they are deeply felt. Design and composition are important which can lead to making my own canvases to a scale and shape that feels right. I start by stapling the canvas to the wall and combine my drawings with memory and imagination into the paint. My paintings are informed by the perceptual sensation of space and light. I like lines, colour, atmosphere and making form. I started painting with Jason Bowyer in the years following the New English Scholarship and being part of a group of artists is very important to me. I’ve been mentored for many years by Francis Hoyland, past director of fine art at Camberwell, and we run a painting course together.

I get a lot of enjoyment from painting people. I draw and paint from the model every week which I find is key to understanding form and space. I really enjoy teaching and it has the mutual effect of asking questions and searching for answers through painting.

Biographical Details

UCA Epsom Fashion and Textiles
Brighton University MA Narrative Illustration and Sequential Design
Creative Partnerships Programme, Arts Council England
Layout Artist, Hahn Film Berlin
Associate Art Director, POL Magazine Australia

Scholarships, Awards, Prizes

New English Scholarship
St Cuthberts Mill Prize
Ondaatche Rolls Drawing Prize
Winner Lloyds Bank Prize
St Cuthberts Mill Drawing Prize
Dover Street Arts Club Prize
Fine Art Society Prize

Past Exhibitions

New English Annual Exhibitions
2016 Royal Portrait Society
2014 Royal Portrait Society
2013 Royal Portrait Society


Baltic Exchange Director’s Portrait
Private collection Nawab of Pataudi


Painting a Self Portrait