painting of an outdoor coastal scene

Jenny Wheatley NEAC RWS


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painting of an elephant walking outside a building

Passing By

painting of a Barn in Crete

Barn Crete

painting of some Cyclamen flowers


painting of a bird in a cage


painting of 2 vases of flowers on a tabletop

Table Top

painting of a street in the town of Lucca


painting of a house


painting of some objects on a table

Wise Old Bird

painting of an outdoor scene


painting of a still life


painting of a house in a landscape


painting of a street in Siena




See below for artist information or to get more of a personal insight, read our interview with Jenny Wheatley NEAC RWS.

Artist Statement

Jenny Wheatley’s work encompasses the emotive use of colour to convey her personal response to places and times of importance in her life. Her work emanates from careful drawing and observation along with the collecting of objects and ideas in situ as she moves through the world. It culminates in composing them to describe a mood, an idea, or a simple joy of character and place.

Method of working

Jenny takes her sketchbook everywhere and makes drawn and written observations of places, people, mood and atmosphere. She also paints in situ to touch brush to surface in oil or watercolour to learn the workings of the world around her. Back in the studio she will combine her learnt knowledge of place and things to make composite paintings in oil, watercolour or oil depending on the mood and mark she is trying to attain. The final images will hopefully convey her emotive response to the landscape, relationships, ideas and environment using a play of colour and composition to guide the viewer. She would wish an image to initially arrest the attention, but to have a much longer resonance with continued viewing and study.

Society Memberships

Royal Watercolour Society (RWS)

Biographical Details

2001/01 Artist expert/judge on two series of Channel 4’s Watercolour Challenge
1988 Sponsored by CCA to travel through the South Seas recording the transition in outer islands from Polynesia into Melanesia
1987 Painting trip to Ladakh in the Himalayas with a group British/Indian army expedition to record images of the trip through Rajasthan, Kashmir and into Ladakh
Has painted full time since graduating, showing in galleries in London and throughout the UK as well as in Europe & USA
Studied West Surrey College of Art and Design 

Past exhibitions

Royal Academy
Royal Watercolour Society
Llewellyn Alexander Gallery, London
Russell Gallery, London
Walker Galleries, Harrogate
Callaghan Fine Paintings, Shrewsbury
Jerram Gallery, Sherborne

Publications & Media

'The New English' (represented in, 2006) by Kenneth McConkey, ISBN 1903973988
​'Adventurous Watercolours' (book) ISBN 9781906388744
'Adventurous Watercolours' (DVD) by APV Films