Michael Whittlesea NEAC RWS works mainly in oil, watercolour and charcoal on paper. His subjects tend to be people and landscapes.



Artist's Statement

Michael still finds painting a very difficult activity. 'Its unpredictable. At the start of each day, I am not sure that anything will  be good and I have given up on achieving a style. Whatever develops, happens. There is no clear idea or vision of how a picture will look,'


Method of Working

Michael uses oils or watercolours for painting and apastels and charcoal to draw. He works on primed canvas or good watercolour paper using a variety of hog hair and sable brushes. Michael has a very tradditional way of working. He often works on 6 or more paintings at a time and he draws reguarly and works from paintings. Drawings can be around for years before he thinks of using them in a painting.