Charlotte Halliday HNEAC RWS uses pen and ink, pencil and watercolour, and paints mainly architectural subjects.



Artist Statement

There has to be something man-made in a subject for Charlotte to want to portray it - which is why she does not feel moved to paint in the countryside (although she craves it in other ways) unless there is a building in it. But townscapes give her a buzz: light falling on brickwork, stone or stucco and architectural detail, the more complicated the better. She relishes tackling really intricate mouldings, and cares passionately about getting them right.


Method of Working

Charlotte uses pen and ink, pencil and watercolour, and paints mainly architectural subjects. She works on several pieces at a time and drives straight in without preparatory work. It usually takes about four to five sessions on the spot when she paints commissions.