Caroline Frood NEAC's works are all painted in oil, from direct observation. Increasingly the main focus is landscape, but the interest is metaphorical.



Artist Statement

'I am drawn to the beauty and diversity of organic forms found both in the garden and landscape. Removing plants from their habitat and bringing them into the studio prompts an array of questions. How the objects are presented is like a piece of theatre; the context, compositional arrangement, colour, light and handling of the paint all have a role to play in the finished piece. Subtle variations in any of them can have dramatic consequences. As the work progresses there is a constant re-appraisal of all these elements.


With landscape everything is in a state of constant flux, due to growth, the weather and seasonal change.The artist is constantly chasing something elusive. However, sitting in a wood or on a hill can be an immersive and awe inspiring experience.'