Julian Bailey NEAC’s recent work explores people meeting in bar and café society.



Artist Statement

Julian’s recent work focuses on the contemporary figure, exploring the meeting up of grouped people in bar and café society. Painted with characteristically long limbs and angular torsos Julian’s economic use of paint brings out the essential relationships of youthful figures. He also enjoys painting figures, coastal landscapes and still life in his favourite haunts in Corfu and all over the West Country.


Method of Working

Julian works mainly in oil and gouache. He also makes smaller studies on his trips to London, Bath and the West Country with his conte pencils. On returning to the studio he will work these drawings up with gouache into smaller paintings. Some of these images Julian will turn into oil paintings in his studio. Julian has been painting almost every day for about thirty years now, and has developed a very concise style, characterised by his ‘drawing in paint’ approach. This leads to very clean and clear colour, painted with considerable impasto, but separated by scraped back patches. The scraping back allows each mark to ‘stand alone’ and the colour to sing out.