Michael Pullée NEAC was elected a member of the New English Art Club in 1978, following in the footsteps of his father Ernest Edward Pullée and mother Margaret Pullée who were both NEAC members before him, clearly passing their talent and passion for painting on to the next generation.



Artist statement

Michael Pullée's work developed from personal observation and responses to the South Devon landscape, the sea and ships. Travel to the Mediterranean – Italy, Greece, turkey and Egypt – widened his range of subjects. Drawings in a variety of media formed the basis of most of the paintings. Many subjects were revisited, as a result of new observation or time. The size of the works varied depending on both subject and medium chosen. He was interested in images with a wide angle of view and experiments with triptych presentations or large images on paper.


Method of working

Wherever possible, Michael preferred direct observation of the subject. This was reinforced by photographic records. Images may have been painted or drawn out of doors on site or in the studio – or from a boat or ship. His works varied in scale.  Pencil, Conté stick, pen & ink, watercolour and oils were the most frequently used media.



Leeds College of Art
National Service, Royal Navy
Royal College of Art


Scholarships, Awards and Prizes

Schweppes: Royal College of Art, Travel to USA to visit Industrial Design Courses

Clayton Travel Scholarship, Bootham, travel in Italy


Past Exhibitions

New English Annual Open
Patterson, Alpine, Albany
RA Summer Exhibition



The New English (represented in, 2006) by Kenneth McConkey, ISBN 1903973988