Annual Exhibition 2016: View Online

Our 2016 Annual Exhibition ran from 16-25 June at Mall Galleries in London. See below to view our online archived gallery of artworks that appeared in the 2016 New English Art Club Annual Exhibition.


Mall Galleries 
The Mall, London SW1

Dates & times

16-25 June 2016


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painting of a figure in an outdoor urban scene

The Builder


The Amateur Bike Race

Toby Ward NEAC
painting of a Bar in St Remy

Bar, St Remy

painting of Small Onions

Small Onions

painting of an outdoor scene with boats

The Bay

painting of a figure in an outdoor coastal scene

The Sea Wall

painting of an outdoor scene in Venice


painting of a woman's head

Asleep as Lisa

painting of 2 women sewing

Sewing (1994)

painting of a family in an outdoor river scene

Thames Path

painting of a woman's head

Little Head of Katie

Arthur Neal NEAC
painted self portrait of Dennis Glibert NEAC


drawing of a woman

Jane (1997)

painting of girl with a doll

Mother and Child

James Bland NEAC
painting of a figure in an interior scene

Bright Daylight

painting of an outdoor scene

The Quiet Farm

painting of a Studio Interior

Studio Interior

painting of 2 figures in an outdoor scene

At the Pub

painting of a String of Garlic

String of Garlic


The Winemakers of Arco

Toby Ward NEAC
painting of an outdoor scene

At Legat

Lorna Vahey NEAC
painting of a Sunrise at Varanasi

Sunrise, Varanasi

painting of some flowers

Summer Flowers


Catkins with Teasels

Ruth Stage NEAC
Taha Afshar
Peter Baldwin
Denis Baxter RBA
Tom Benjamin
Michael John Ashcroft
Alice Boggis-Rolfe
Frances Borden
Victoria Bristow
Christopher Baker
Piers Browne
John Buck
Pandora Butterfield
Rosie Clark
Austin Cole RBA
Roy Connelly
Richard Cook RBA
Robert Cunnew
Joan Doerr
Claire Edge
Mark Finch
Paul Fowler
Elina Grosul
Robin-Lee Hall PRP
Clare Haward
Julia Hawkins
Roger Hill
Tom Hoar
Simon Hodges
Benjamin Hope
Felicity House PS
Tom Hughes
Alice Irwin
Poppy James
Victoria Jinivizian
Dominic Keshavarz
Sophie Levi
Susan Liggett
Sharon Low
Pat Maclaurin
Kenny McKendry
Michael Middleton
Jessica Miller
Susan Neale
Liam O'Farrell
Robert Offord
Eva Peel
Rob Pointon
Adam Ralston
Richard Rees
Paul Regan
Chris Rig
Elaine Robertson
Joseph Ryan
Claire Sparkes
Lucinda Stephens
Tom Stevenson
Haidee-Jo Summers AROI
Mark Sutherland
Lisa Takahashi
Bernadett Timko
William Vaughan
Michael Weller
Tony Wells
Alan Welsford
John Whitehill
Stella Winskell-Moore


Improve your Life Drawing skills with Julie Jackson NEAC

21 Jun 2016
Drawing helps us to see and perceive the world more clearly. There are many ways...

Patterns in the Urban landscape - Melissa Scott-Miller NEAC

22 Jun 2016
Using the immediate environment of the Mall Galleries, you will study the natural patterns and...

Landscape painting workshop with Paul Gildea NEAC

23 Jun 2016
Taking the local environment of the Mall Galleries as a subject, Paul will be leading...

Portrait Painting Demonstration with James Bland NEAC

24 Jun 2016
James Bland will demonstrate his approach to portraiture. Gain an insight into the working methods...