Artist Statement

The Pathetic Fallacy. We create myths and metaphors to live by. In painting and the arts generally, one of them is landscape, the natural landscape; a recent phenomenon that reflects the inner self.

Method of Working

Oil on stretched canvas, or prepared panels with chalk based gesso. Attention given to surface texture. Tools, brushes, spatulas, pallet knives, tonking, etc, sometimes acrylic on a small scale.

Scholarships, Awards & Prizes

2014 Awarded Doreen McIntosh Prize (1st prize)
2005 Elected member of NEAC


Biographical Details

1990 Founded Star Gallery with Patricia Cooper, exhibiting work by local artists & later RA artists such as Sir Hugh Casson, Henry Moore, Paula Rego, Christopher Le Brun
1986-90 Founded Star Workshops and Studios with wife Patricia Cooper
1971 Moved to Lewes as artist, picture restorer for various commercial galleries, also in Milan
1961 Worked with St John James Drinkwater Earp – Surrealist Painter and picture restorer in his studio in Brighton
1959 Moved to Brighton

Past Exhibitions

1984/86/94 RA Summer Exhibitions
Various group exhibitions in the UK