Jacqueline Williams NEAC


Artist Statement

The main inspiration for Jacqueline Williams is light, be it strong sunlight, a dappled light or lamplight. It is the challenge of capturing this along with a certain atmosphere, which maybe of quietness/stillness, in the case of an interior painting, which excites her.  Most of her subjects tend to revolve around her studio.

Method of Working

Jacqueline works predominantly in oil  on board primed with an acrylic/oil primer, or canvas, which is later laid on board. This is for practical reasons – it is lighter to travel with (rolls up in a tube). She works directly from the subject which produces a more spontaneous and exciting painting. For the same reasons she does little in the way of preparatory drawing other than to sketch in the composition. She  works on at  least a dozen or more paintings at a time finding that most subjects can be explored in several different ways e.g different compositions, lighting, scale etc.

Biographical Details

1982-85 Gloucestershire College of Arts and Technology 
1985-88 Royal Academy Schools 
1996 Elected Member of New English Art Club

Other Society Memberships

Cheltenham Group of Artists (CGA)

Scholarships, Awards & Prizes

2003 W H Patterson Memorial Award
1993 W H Patterson Award
1988/92 Elizabeth Greenshield Foundation Scholarship
1988 Antonio De Segonzac Travel Scholarship
1987 Antique Collectors Prize


2008/11/14/16 Russell Gallery 
1998/2001/04/06 Adam Gallery 
1997/99/2003/05 Brian Sinfield Gallery 
1898/09/92/94/96/2000 New Grafton Gallery
2009 Alresford Gallery 
1991 Peter Hedley Gallery 


The New English (represented in, 2006) by Kenneth McConkey, ISBN 1903973988