Artist Statement

Dawn Sidoli`s father sparked an interest in his young daughter by drawing animals for her; later, as she enjoyed riding along the Solway Firth in Cumbria, he bought her ‘How to Draw Horses’. She had her first watercolour box from him & still has it. Years later, Northampton School of Art gave her a thorough Foundation Course including anatomy, life drawing & continuous sketching. Art Clubs, in Newark & Clifton helped to keep continuity while her family were growing up. Once in Bristol, near London, she discovered great painters like Auerbach, Herman, Eardley, Redpath, & Lowry. Her future was clear.

Method of Working

Dawn’s painting was, at first, traditional oils. Over time, she became ‘looser’ with larger brushes, and due to screen printing, learnt to simplify.  This and L.S.Lowry`s minimal palette helped to set her on her way.  Lamp Black, White, Yellow Ochre, Prussian Blue & Vermilion have been essential to her over the years. Nowadays she prepares thick mount card with two coats of primer across & down. When dry it will be cut ready for use. Many artists are ‘sniffy’ about paper palettes but they are ideal for her way of working. The colours are laid out in dippers: one genuine turps & linseed oil, one turps. subst. There is also her favourite oleopasto medium. This adds texture & is good when a loaded house brush needs that extra ‘voice’. Dawn likes to paint ‘in situ’ to absorb the moody weather, sitting in her Brooklands Mini Cooper, overlooking the Bristol Channel at Portishead! It`s her Mini studio & she paints sitting in the passenger seat with paintbox & palette on the driver`s seat. One sheet is kept aside to place on top later, keeping paints moist. After returning to the studio, work is turned to the wall for a while.

Biographical Details

2001– Portishead
1973-2001 Bristol
1954-56 Manchester Training College
1947-51 Northampton School of Art

Other Society Memberships

Royal West of England Academy (RWA), Vice President of the Clifton Arts Club

Scholarships, Awards & Prizes

2012 Framing Award, RWA
2003 Artistic Excellence Award, RWA
2004 Alresford Gallery Prize, NEAC
2000 Drawing Prize, NEAC
1988 Critic's Prize, NEAC
1988 1st Prize Winner, Laing National Painting Competition

Past Exhibitions

1981– Annually with the RWA
1977-2011 RA Summer Show regularly
​2008 Cube Gallery Bristol, Solo Exhibition
2004 New Gallery, RWA, Solo Exhibition
1997/2002 Discerning Eye
2000 Fedden Gallery, Bristol, RWA, Solo show
1996 Adam Gallery, Bath,  Two-person Exhibition


The New English (represented in, 2006) by Kenneth McConkey, ISBN 1903973988