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End Times


Romney Marsh

painting of a woman kneeling in prayer


painting of a landscape

Hidden Path

painting of an orange and yellow striped jug

The Jug

drawing of an Allotment

The Allotment

painting of Sunflowers


painting of a stream in a landscape


drawing of a nude woman


painting of Garlic on Mirror

Garlic on Mirror

painting of an Aluminium Jug

Aluminium Jug

painting of a still life of rubber gloves


painting of a nude woman

Nude on Floor

painting of a still life

Flower in Pot

painting of some flowers




See below for artist information or to get more of a personal insight, read our interview with Andrew James.

Artist Statement

For me the act of painting is the materialised embodiment of my experience of life itself: be it in the process of making it, the finding of value in it, accepting its inherent mysteries, these and other thoughts seem the perfect expression of my personal sensibilities and connections to the world around and within me. I seek the goal of a poetic compression of my emotional life through a heightened expression of colour, texture, pattern and rhythm. Intensity of mark making as well as infinite care in establishing value relationships marks the two extremes of my artistic and personal characters.

Method of Working

Using primarily oil paint, I work with broad, very direct, freely-applied gestural marks, through to finely modulated colour relationships - seeking a wide spectrum of painterly qualities. Whether work is large or small I establish major values, looking to subsequently model and create successful relationships without losing large structural forms. I paint with brush and palette knife, using the knife to subtract as much as to apply. I try to place stress on much of the paint through taught, scraped, pulled marking; rarely allowing any areas to go unworked or unstressed, a quality on energised density is very important to me. Colour saturation as well as tone and temperature have become ever more important as time has gone on. Paintings can take anything from 2 hours to 200 hours.

Biographical Details

2017 Elected a Member of the New English Art Club
2008 Appointed Vice President of the Royal Society of Portrait Painters
2006 Started tutoring at Heatherley's, and privately in Italy and Cape Town
2004 Elected an Honorary Member of the Hesketh Hubbard Art Society
2002 Elected a Member of the Royal Society of Portrait Painters
1987 Began painting aged 17, entirely self taught

Scholarships, Awards & Prizes

Carroll Foundation Award, RP
The Artists Award, RSBA
Changing Faces Award, RP
Star Portraits, BBC TV

Past Exhibitions

Royal Society of Portrait Painters - regular exhibitor
New English Art Club - regular exhibitor
National Portrait Gallery
Royal Society of British Artists
Ruth Borchard Collection
Mall Galleries, Solo show
Affordable Art Fair


Painting Self-Portraits, Crowood Press
Artist & Illustrators, numerous articles
DVD: Expressive Portraits, Town House Films