Anthony Green NEAC LG RA Hon RBA Hon ROI makes large, irregularly shaped pictures in oil paint on battened, primed boards.



Artist Statement

In 1957, Anthony  fell in love with a Slade student. They married in 1961. Since then, Mary Cozens-Walker has been the inspiration for 600 narrative paintings. Sometimes the subjects are sad, dealing with death, dementia and divorce. More often, he paints love, joy and sexual fulfilment. Mary is the star of his story. Their daughters’ lives are lovingly recorded. He deals with childhood and old age. He imagines his mother as a teenager, and records her passage to Heaven. He loves painting flowers, and has accepted commissions to paint portraits, cars, jet engines, barns and Burgundy connoisseurs.


Method of Working

Anthony makes large, irregularly shaped pictures in oil paint on battened, primed boards. In love, in Paris, on a French government scholarship, and soon to return to marry Miss Cozens-Walker, our hero resolved to paint about his virginity and married love, rather than art about art. He would make his contribution to Modernism by telling his small private story in pictures – la petite histoire par un petit maître – simply a little history by a jobbing artist. Figurative art would still be relevant. The pictures in his mind’s eye had no edges. His compositions need not be traditional rectangles. His first shaped painting was made in 1964, influenced by images seen in Early Italian Gothic arches and French Romanesque tympanums. Perhaps his developing compositions might have irrelevant perimeters? Paintings fashioned by the multiplicity of pictures in his memory. Art would simply serve his needs.