Robert Brown NEAC always paints what excites him, believing people like the energy in art.



Artist Statement

Robert always paints what excites him and this is what makes him get out his brushes. He believes that people like the vitality or energy in a painting. 


Method of Working

As much as possible, Bob likes to paint on the spot, often using a sketchbook. He uses his pochade box a great deal, particularly when travelling. This is a small, portable studio for painting in oil, in which he can carry up to a dozen panels. He finds it essential to have a stool. He works up some of the studies in the studio where appropriate, and sometimes enlarges or develops them in some other way. He enjoys working on groups of pictures at the same time, and to have them about him, so they can ‘talk’ to him and to each other. 

Bob loves structures, facades, buildings, people, water, trees and huge skies. But patterns of light and colour are what he loves to paint. The sun reorders the world throughout the day, and gives different images, depending where the light and shadows fall.