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Life Drawing Classes in London and Elsewhere

'Anyone can draw' is one of the principles of the Drawing School. You do not need to be a member or a Friend of the NEAC, and you do not need to sign up for a term or year or course. It is entirely possible to drop in to any of the courses without booking and draw in our classes, although probably best to email the day before to confirm that the class is running.

Bookmark this page, 'like' the facebook page and/or email the Drawing School Administrator, Piers Grizzelle, to get on the mailing list! Email:

The NEAC Drawing School Courses
at the Learning Centre, Mall Galleries
(See details below)

The NEAC Drawing School is at the Learning Centre at the Mall Galleries, where we will resume our regular classes on weekdays and Saturdays. Keep an eye on the website and 'like' the facebook page to keep in touch.
Michael Kirkbride NEAC Curator Drawing School

Drawing School

Staffed entirely by members of the NEAC, many of whom have a wealth of teaching experience, the Drawing School offers a thorough and sound approach to drawing in its many forms, with small classes to ensure a personal and individual tutor/student relationship.

The Drawing School is at the heart of what the NEAC represents. We run courses at various venues, mainly in London, on drawing, sketching en plein air, and working from drawing to painting. Courses are constantly in development, so please bookmark this page and check back regularly to keep up-to-date. We will also be advertising courses in the Friends’ Newsletter, available biannually.

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Nude On A Chaise by David Parfitt

The NEAC Drawing School - at the Learning Centre, Mall Galleries

Triangle of Squares - 2 days with Mick and Charles
15th and 16th Aug

A two day drawing workshop with Mick Kirkbride and Charles Williams

Information - There is a distinct tradition within the work of early members of the NEAC to explore London's square's as a source of subject matter.Harold Gilman,Spencer Gore,and Charles Ginner amongst others were often drawn to these small oases, which offer respite from the frenetic pace of the city , and where we are invited to slow down, ponder, and replenish the spirit.
This workshop is an opportunity to investigate an area of London which offers up a triangulation of squares - Soho Sq,Golden Sq,and the newly configured Leicester Sq.All are in close proximity to each other.

Day 1 Fri 15th Aug.  Drawing and painting around one or all of these locations, using wet and dry media and small painted studies.Information gathered will inform and service work to be made on day 2.

Day 2 Sat 16th Aug.  Working in the Learning Centre at The Mall Galleries you will develop a piece of work based on the previous days activity. Encouragement will be given to address notions of scale and the impact this has on mark and gesture. This could involve monochrome , colour,and or mixed media.

Your Tutors will be Mick Kirkbride and Charles Williams, both of whom have a breadth of teaching experience, having taught at many levels including post graduate.
Mick Kirkbride's paintings are at times absurdist in subject, they oscillate between observation and imagination.

Charles Williams work demonstrates a playful pictorial dexterity which finds small epiphanies in the everyday.The human figure as a recurring dominant structural motif is common to both artists.

Materials - Please refer to the material's list by scrolling to the bottom of this page,but you could consider the following ...A2 sketchbook [ anything bigger might be impractical and difficult to transport ] A sketching stool of some kind or something to sit on. A selection of drawing media - pencils , charcoal, inks, and wet or dry coloured media. Don't forget a packed lunch and perhaps a small umbrella.

Time and date -

Fri 15th Aug, meet at Eros - Piccadilly Circus at 9.45am.

Sat 16th Aug - meet at the Mall Galleries Learning Centre at 10am - [enter via 17 Carlton House Tce ]. Each day will end at 4.00pm.

For all enquiries and bookings please contact Piers Grizzelle.

£45.00 for one day, £80.00 for both days - Please state which day/s when making the Reservation/Enquiry

As above

COST: £45/day or £80 for both days
Reserve a Place / Enquiry
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A three day Figure Drawing workshop at Putney
3rd,4th,5th September 

A three day Figure Drawing workshop at Putney School of Art

Information - This is an intensive three day experience taught by various NEAC members which will involve a varied and flexible approach to articulating the human figure. There will be a range of both short and long poses, with an approach that is rigorous,yet affords maximum scope for individual expression.

Your tutors will be Weds 3rd - Mellissa Scott Miller, Thurs 4th - Peter Clossick and Julie Jackson, Fri 5th - Mick Kirkbride and Charles Williams. Each day will follow roughly the same format ie - a series of short poses in the morning where there will be a range of media and methodologies employed, and a more  sustained pose in the afternoon. All abilities and levels of experience are welcome.

Time and date -  3rd, 4th, 5th September  10.00 - 4.00.

Materials - Some basic materials are provided, but you should try to bring the following...A2 sketchbook or A2 loose paper.A selection of drawing media ie - pencils, charcoal inks. [please refer to the materials list below for further suggestions].

For all enquiries and bookings please contact Piers Grizzelle.

£50.00 for one day, £135.00 for three days - Please state which day/s when making the Reservation/Enquiry

Putney School of Art
Oxford Rd, London
SW15 2LQ.

COST: £50/day or £135 for three days
Reserve a Place / Enquiry
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LIFE CLASSES at the Mall
September - December

The NEAC Drawing School will be running evening classes in Life Drawing in the Learning Centre of the Mall Galleries, led by members of the NEAC. The classes will be small, so while dropping in is possible, numbers are limited so booking may be advisable. The classes will be running in blocks of six for the present, and may well follow the termly system. Easels, boards and basic paper is provided. 

Tuesday Life Classes at the Mall

Materials - Some basic materials are provided but you should try to bring an A2 sketchbook, and a selection of drawing media ie - pencils , charcoal pastels.
Tutors - The first six sessions will be taken by Mick Kirkbride NEAC the following six- tutor to be announced.

For all enquiries and bookings please contact Piers Grizzelle.

Space is limited, so early booking is recommended. Please use the entrance at 17 Carlton House Terrace. Drawing paper provided.

Time and Date

Tues 9th Sept - Tues 9th Dec [ there will be no sessions on Tues 23rd Sept or Tues 2nd Dec ].
6:00 - 8:00pm

£110 for six classes, £20 for each individual class.

Learning Centre
Mall Galleries

The entrance is from 17 Carlton House Terrace

Need more information?

Contact Piers Grizzelle or Michael Kirkbride

Piers Grizzelle
NEAC Drawing School
2 Royal Road,
TW11 0SB
Tel: 020 8287 5208

Michael Kirkbride NEAC
: 07951 227322

Materials List For Drawing Classes

There are many drawing implements other than pencils – pen and ink, watercolour, pastels, conte crayon, as many different styles and inclinations as there are artists, and they are all useable, but here is a basic list for life drawing classes.

It is best to have some good quality drawing paper, pencils, a craft-knife to sharpen them with, and an eraser. Masking tape is also a good aid.

Paper can be bought in blocks or loose from good art shops. I buy it loose and tear it down to the size I require, but blocks are fine. The best size is the most convenient size for you – if you have long arms and want to make large drawings, buy large sheets of paper, but there is no gain in doing that if you don’t usually make large works. You can always visit the shop again. Buy ‘cartridge’ or ‘drawing’ paper, don’t buy watercolour paper unless you plan to put watercolour washes on the drawing. Keep it in a portfolio, either cardboard or faux leather.

Pencils are graded in hardness, from 7H (very hard) to 6B (very soft). For observational drawing, B to 3B is the most useful range. There are many different manufacturers, and it’s best to try various and develop your own preferences.

Some lecturers prefer the use of charcoal to pencil, as it is more ‘expressive’ and putting down tone is quicker and perhaps less stilted. If you have charcoal, you can use ordinary drawing paper, although you can also use ‘ingres’ paper, which has a slight ‘tooth ‘or texture, but you will also probably need a putty rubber. This is unlike a pencil eraser in that it is malleable and becomes more effective when warm. I usually draw with charcoal in my right hand while keeping the putty rubber warm in my left, and when I want to make a correction, I mould the rubber into the shape I need and, rather than rub at the paper as one does with a pencil eraser, dab at it, lifting off the charcoal. A spray can of fixative is useful, or hairspray will do the same – apply it at the end of the session, out of the room. 

A craft knife is better to sharpen your pencil than a sharpener, mainly because you have to concentrate on making your point when you use a knife. Try to keep your pencils sharp at all times.  Elementary advice, but you’d be surprised how often people ignore it.

Recommended materials: Items in bold type are most necessary!
A variety of smooth and rough papers, different types of weight and colour, cut to same size as sketch book unless bringing a drawing board
Sketchbooks –preferably at least one large one and one small one
Black paper cut to same size as sketch book unless bringing a drawing board
Pencils: B – 4B
Graphite sticks
Black ink and drawing pen or gel pen/ sketching pen
White ink and drawing pen or white gel pen/ sketching pen
Watercolour brush
Water pot
Brown ink
Rags or tissues
Craft or Stanley knife
Pencil sharpener
Bag for rubbish
Putty rubber
Hard rubber
Some wet colour medium: Watercolours and brushes, watercolour paper or other painting medium- oils or acrylics as desired with board or canvas paper support
Drawing board and larger sheets of paper if desired
Warm clothes and snacks
Packed lunch
Bottles of water for brushes
Something to sit on: stool or gardening kneeling cushion or a cushion in a carrier bag
Viewfinder – card or otherwise