Photos from Neil Pittaway's 'Imaginative Landscape, Creative Drawing' workshop

Photo of students in a workshop

Neil Pittaway began the workshop with introductions and then a quick continuous line drawing exercise. He followed this with a demonstration - creating textures and surfaces using different drawing media. Students then prepared an abstract surface using these techniques and took the drawings out onto The Mall where they drew Admiralty Arch - drawing the subject in 20 lines. After this they started another drawing of the same subject using construction lines and angles. 

After lunch, back at the Learning Centre, Neil discussed with the group his working processes and approaches to drawing - showing original work  and giving a Q&A. Students then went back out onto The Mall and completed the drawings they started in the morning of Admiralty Arch. Then back in the Learning Centre again to continue with drawing techniques looking at how to create mountain drawings using folded paper and shading. 

Finally Neil did a short demo and explanation on collage ideas and the workshop ended with a plenary session - students peer-reviewed their work followed by informal Q&A and discussion.