Original Art for Under £1000

painting of a Mustard Field and Vine, Tuscany

When lockdown started, many artists feared that painting sales would grind to a halt. 'Who would buy art when they can't even buy toilet roll?'

But as it turns out, we've seen a bit of a surge in online sales of our paintings by NEAC member artists. Perhaps people are brightening up their living rooms (now they're spending so much more time at home)? Art has the power to lift our spirits and so, it seems, does a bit of 'retail therapy'!

So we've curated a collection of works under £1000 for you to browse from the comfort of your sofa. Perhaps you'll spot something that would look nice over the fireplace?

Notice the additional filters [subject, artist, medium, price] at the top of the page so you can edit the selection to suit your budget, taste or other requirements.

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Featured image: 'Mustard Field and Vine, Tuscany' by Patrick Cullen NEAC