Curated Selection by Jason Bowyer PPNEAC PS RP

5 sections of paintings by different artists

This curated selection was written in November 2017. Jason Bowyer since passed away in February 2019. Read our tribute to Jason.

Jason Bowyer PPNEAC PS RP guides us through a selection of his favourite artworks from our online shop. All works are by fellow New English artists and are available to buy.

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"These artists have a vision and truth to themselves that I admire. The works I have chosen I would like to have in my personal collection." Jason Bowyer

'Loch Buie' by James Rushton NEAC RWS


Jimmy Rushton's painting weaves together a landscape in blocks of coloured textured oil simple forms and dense rich colour. Admire that depth-defying grey sky that plunges into blue of the loch and is pulled towards you by a sunlit path. Rushton's painting and vision are quiet personal statements.

'Sydney Close Studios' by Daniel Shadbolt NEAC

This painting of a monumental studio at night shows the Eytonesque talent of Shadbolt. You move through the space with closely observed moments like the figure sandwiched in between liquid evolving forms. There is a rich light under the dark impenetrable form of a vaulted ceiling. Daniel is a natural painter, creating movement and tension with gestural brush marks, but he holds your gaze with his understanding of form.

'The Blue Vase' by Dawn Sidoli NEAC RWA

Dawn's painting is direct with lovely flat dark areas contrasting with the slate blue vase; flower blooms are swirled into the paint. Both ends of her brush are used - an incisive sgraffito mark describes edges and emphasises composition. There is an influence from Japanese prints, but Sidolis's colour and strength of surface are all her own.

'At the Ending of the Day' by Lorna Vahey NEAC

I think this painting includes everything of one day. A narrative of exhaustion and sleep in the flat out figures in the foreground that lead through random campsite tents with children playing and a pastoral scene leading to a headland and sea. A strange scaffolding at a jaunty angle with a bird embraces the picture. I particularly like the flat soles of the figures. With all of Lorna’s work the patchwork rich colour enhances and holds together a day remembered.

'Little Child in the Café' by Bridget Moore NEAC RBA RWS

Bridget’s paintings have a subtle sense of colour her use of warm and cold colours oscillate in this lovely work. Vuillard is with her but her vision is of a modern moment. Look at the orange stripe at the top of the painting and the lovely rich colours on the table.