Francis Bowyer & Robert E Wells joint exhibition: The Jerram Gallery, Dorset

The Jerram Gallery
Half Moon Street, Sherborne, Dorset DT9 3LN UK

25th June - 13th July 2022

Tuesday to Saturday 9.30am to 5pm

Francis Bowyer and Robert E Wells are showing recent work in this joint exhibition at the Jerram Gallery in Dorset.

Francis Bowyer Francis Bowyer Francis says of his work, “Light and colour play an important part in my paintings. The brief moment captured. A richness and enjoyment of colour is always at the heart of the subjects that I am attracted to.” His work includes paintings of children on the beach at Walberswick, Suffolk, interiors of Parisian restaurants and more recently studio interiors.  

Robert E. Wells Many of his landscape paintings are painted ‘en plein air’ and it is in these smaller pieces that he depicts with careful observation the subtle nuances of the changing weather and light on that landscape.
In his compositions of people, in the smaller works in oil on paper, Robert will depict only one or two people. As in his ‘en plein air’ landscape paintings Robert draws out in depth the character and behaviour of the people being observed.