section of a painting of a still life

Still Life Oil Painting Colour Masterclass with Alex Fowler NEAC

This intense painting experience will involve working from quite large complex still life scenarios to encourage students to break away from the reading of the subject as an inventory list of objects and to explore painting as a response to the perceptual experience. Alex will teach how to select the essential colours, distinguishing one from another, and mix them on the palette in order to depict what we see more effectively.

You will be encouraged to approach the visual field as an abstract array of interlocking shapes and to focus on the character of the colour, rhythms and textures. The day will conclude with a short plenary session.

Your tutor

Alex Fowler NEAC is a former New English Scholar, and graduate of Heatherley's School of Art. He also has an MA in History of Art from Edinburgh University. He works predominantly in oils but enjoys experimenting in other mediums such as gouache, watercolour and pastel. He describes his work as unpicking the perceptual experience, distilled through the eye.


Heatherley's School of Art,
75 Lots Rd, London, SW10 ORN



There is a 10% discount for Friends of New English and students with an appropriate student number booking online. If you are a student you will be asked to provide your Student ID at the workshop.

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Dates & times

Saturday 11 March 10.30- 4.30pm


  • Oil Paints: Preferably artist-quality paint as the range of colour you can achieve will be far greater (but student quality paint will do). The following colours are recommended, but you may bring others to if you like working with them - Titanium White, Cadmium Lemon Yellow, Cadmium Yellow, Cadmium Orange, Cadmium Red Light or Cadmium Red, Alizarin Crimson. Ultramarine Blue, Phalocyanine Blue, Quinacridone Magenta.
  • Palette Knife: not to small.
  • Brushes: A mixture of Filbert Hog or a Hog synthetic mix - sizes 2,4,6,12. A couple of larger brushes [as they keep things simple] and ones which come to a point would also be useful. [remember these materials are are recommendations - don't worry if you haven't got all of them on the day- just bring what you can].
  • Medium: 'Zest it' or low odour solvent, but no White Spirit. Empty Jam Jar or bottle.
  • Palette: White if possible, at least A3 or bigger.
  • Canvasses/Boards: Either acrylic primed canvas or MDF board - at least 18"x 26". A smaller extra canvas or primed paper would also be useful. Rags or kitchen paper for cleaning brushes.
  • Drawing equipment: Masking tape, pocket sketchbook, soft pencils (2b at least), rubber, viewfinder.

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