painting of an interior scene

Movement Through Space 2-day workshop with Michael Kirkbride NEAC

An intense two day workshop with Michael Kirkbride NEAC at Hampstead School of Art. Transform your painting surface into a limitless opaque space of light, creating a journey for the eye exploring successive viewpoints and linked routes of discovery, travelling along a vertical, horizontal or diagonal axis. The studio will be elaborately staged with an assortment of props, drapes and assorted paraphernalia, providing you with stepping stones. Students will be encouraged to work on a large scale bolting A1 sheets together where necessary. Join us a metaphorical journey focusing on areas of interest before the eye moves on through the still life.

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Hampstead School of Art
2 Penrose Gardens
London NW3 7BF
020 7794 1439



Dates & times

Wednesday 14 & Thursday 15 August, 2019
10:00am - 4:00pm

Works for sale

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