Capital Paintings: exhibition of work by Peter Brown

A record in 50 oil paintings of a desolated London and its inspirational return to the streets we see once again today.

Pete’s next show show at Messums London: ‘Capital Paintings’ follows on from his 2021 ‘Big Year’ exhibition which recorded the Uk’s pandemic experience. ‘A Big Year’ concludes with restrictions having been lifted. London however was still desolate.  He takes the story from there.

He concentrates on London’s quiet Westend and follows its gradual emergence to the teaming streets we see today.  Will we ever see London as quiet? – the Ritz which remained open throughout 2 world wars closed for the first time in its 113 year history, Trafalgar Square and Piccadilly deserted, all the Westend theatres abandoned, Charing Cross Road and Whitehall devoid of traffic. The return however started in the summer holidays of 2021 when UK resident families began to once again visit the sights and as office workers returned to fill London boozers and restaurants in September and October. Beating a path up and down the M4 from his home in Bath, Peter recorded the remarkable transformation of our capital city and its inspiring bounce back.

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