painting by Peter Brown

A Big Year: exhibition of work by Peter Brown

A new exhibition of paintings by Peter Brown PNEAC PS ROI RP Hon RBA documents the spring and summer of 2020; from the empty streets of London to the masses crammed onto the beaches of the south coast of England. Brown is one of the world’s leading documentary painters. ‘I like to be where the action is,’ he says, and with his unrivalled ability to translate the bustle of human life into fluid and expressive paintings of the utmost poetry, his pictures gain ever increasingly in power. In this exhibition are paintings featuring the quiet interiors of his home and studio in Bath in the west of England peopled by his children craning over their phones in stances almost iconic of a generation, to the melee of colours and chaos of those enjoying the seaside.

In a further contrast are his paintings of the streets of London; no longer thronged with City workers the buildings of Chancery Lane and Fleet Street take on a different tone when viewed unobscured by teeming human life in an almost denuded majesty.‘Usually in Bank or Fleet Street I might see 300,000 people a day but during this period I probably didn’t see more than 200’ he says. ‘London seemed powerful and hugely dramatic.’

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Dates & times

28 October – 28 November 2020

Opening hours
Monday - Friday: 10am - 6pm
Saturday: 11am - 4pm
Bank Holidays: Closed


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